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The Most Popular Fantasy Football Site

One of the most popular fantasy football sites on the internet is Yahoo Fantasy Football. As one of the first sites to offer customizable leagues, it quickly grew in popularity and today remains one of the most popular places to host your fantasy football league.

While other sites have certainly grown and begun to challenge for this crown, the most popular of the fantasy football websites is still Yahoo! Sports.

Advantages & Features

One major advantage of this site is that because it is so well-known, many people will have Yahoo IDs, meaning that people can get started right away. Other sites have begun to rival Yahoo, but there are still plenty of people who have only played fantasy football at this particular site.

Therefore you don’t have to waste time walking people through setting up an account; you just set up the league and go.

Another great feature is that it is also very easy to set up a private league and have people join. Simply set up your league, give people the league ID number and password and you are ready to go. It also makes it easy to simply re-invite people from your previous league to the new one.

This way, you and your friends can all play together without having to tediously go through and manually add email address after email address. It is conveniences like this that keep people coming back to this Fantasy Football website year after after.

Private Leagues.  Go on…Trash Talk!

And because these leagues are private, no one can peek in and see some the risque team names or colorful trash talking language. When it seems like prying eyes are everywhere on the internet, it is nice to know that the league page is restricted to only those who have access. This lets people talk trash with impunity, knowing that the things that are said (or typed) on the league page will stay amongst friends.

Customize Your League

Yahoo also makes it really easy to customize your site based on your own particular preferences. Yahoo’s default position setting is pretty much the industry standard: one QB, two RB, three WR, a flex WR/RB, TE, K, and team defense. It’s scoring is also pretty much what people expect from a fantasy football league: 6 pts running/receiving TD, 4 pts passing TD, with points assessed for yards thrown or run, some for receptions, and defensive points kind of changed as needed.

However, if you want to make things a bit different, it is extremely easy to customize your site as you want. If you want a two QB league, that’s simple to do. If you want individual defensive players, that’s also a snap to set up. No matter what your preference, you can set up your fantasy sports league to suit your needs.

This simple customizing is also true when it’s time to set up the type of draft you want. Snake drafts used to be the norm, but many people are switching over to auction drafts. With the snake draft, players draft 1 through 10 (or however many teams in your league), then starts at 10 and heads back down to one in reverse order.

While this is well known, it is not as fair, especially in fantasy football. Because one stud RB can can completely carry your team, the teams picking first or second overall have a major advantage over the rest of the teams. To address this, many teams have moved to an auction draft where everyone gets the same amount of money and then bids on a given player. This way, everyone has the same chance to get any player they want and there is less luck involved.

Ability to Manually Input Your League Teams

Many people, however, choose to skip the online draft and prefer to host it live. The drafting of the fantasy league has become an annual rite for men in this country. On that day, men get together, drink copious amounts of beer, consume more chicken wings that even seems possible, and basically make fun of each other and their terrible teams. Yahoo takes this into account and lets the commissioner input the teams manually.

This way, the guys can all get together to hash out their teams instead of simply sitting behind a computer screen clicking away. This type of draft goes well with the communal aspect of football, that one-day-a-week event that has become our new national pastime.

Possible Downsides

The only real downside of this league is that Yahoo really hasn’t changed their format much so it can seem a bit stale or a bit dated. As people have begun using Yahoo less and less, this is no longer the homepage for many users. This can make navigating to the site seem a bit clunky as the interface has become much more cluttered in recent years. This can be worked around by simply bookmarking the page, however, so it is really not a deal breaker.

The only real reason to move away from Yahoo is because you’ve gotten bored with it. Year after year, it can seem a bit dated and one of the other sites may be a bit different and make things a bit more interesting. Unless you really think you need to spice things up, however, most people will be playing their Fantasy Football league through Yahoo.

Summing It Up

Personally, the times I’ve played on other sites, I have always come back to Yahoo when it was my turn to commish. I like that I know exactly how the site is laid out, exactly where to find injury reports and player information, and how to find the stats I need. While other sites offer similar information, I like that this has become second nature for me through Yahoo.

When they didn’t offer free live scoring, there was a case to be made that other sites were better. Now, however, for my money and for my league, I will be going with Yahoo because I enjoy the familiarity. If, however, you think it is time for something different or just don’t like Yahoo, there are plenty of other good options for your fantasy sports league.

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