Top 5 Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

The Top 5As daily fantasy sports becomes more mainstream and people begin to make it a part of their online routine, it can be tough to figure out which are the top daily fantasy sports sites.

With so many different options, different features, and different ways to play, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to decide where to deposit your money.

Below is a list of the top 5 daily fantasy sports sites, some of the options offered by the site, and analysis to help you decide which of these sites is the best fit for you.


FanDuel Logo SquareThe most serious online daily fantasy sports players play at There, over $200,000 worth of prizes are handed out daily and instead of waiting days or even weeks to collect your earnings, you can deposit your winnings into your PayPal account that day.

If you win, then you get paid. It’s as simple as that. No matter if it’s NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, or NCAA Basketball, you can find the game here at And with so many players playing at this site, there are always plenty of games available.

Simply get your salary cap for your daily fantasy sports game, spend it on the lineup you choose, and start watching the games. If you win, you can transfer that money back in your PayPal and have it in your checking account.

What sets this site apart from the others is the fact that it has so many players.  A daily fantasy sports player can deposit money with confidence knowing this site is going to be around. With so many to choose from, competition can be fierce and sites come and go. With, a player knows the site is going to be there so if you win, you can keep playing and keep winning. is so confident you will love their site that they will refund your $5 or $10 game if you don’t love the site. That’s right if you are unhappy with this site or you just don’t want to play anymore, they will refund your $5 or $10 from your first game. With this excellent benefit, there really is no downside to making your first daily fantasy sports site if you’ve never played.

Another great benefit is the easy to use interface. Their user experience makes it very simple to find the exact game you want, for the exact amount you want, quickly and efficiently. It also has a mobile site that makes it easy to follow along on your smart phone. This way, you can always have access to your team and can follow your games no matter where you are.

Perhaps the only negative is that it can be difficult to chat on this site. There is a scrolling sidebar where members can chat but there is no dedicated chat room to make it simple to interact with one another. With all the benefits, however, this is a very minor complaint on an otherwise solid daily fantasy sports site. If you have never played and want to give this game a try, this is a great place to get started.


DraftKings LogoThis site was launched in May, 2012 by two veteran internet entrepreneurs and has quickly become one of the top 5 daily fantasy sports sites online. One of the main things this site realizes is that people love free money, so they give it away every day.

Each day they offer a daily free roll (free game) for $100. This means that DraftKings gives you a chance to win free money daily. Recently, the group running the site raised $7 million in venture capital to help improve marketing and draw in more players, thereby allowing them to offer more free money.

The crown jewel of this site however is the $1 million Chase for the Crown. In this game, the top spot is guaranteed $100,000. The game consists of a series of qualifiers to that ultimate game, so with just some savvy play and a little bit of luck, you can find yourself playing for serious money having just put up a couple dollars up to enter.

This represents the biggest potential return on investment in all of daily fantasy sports and is truly a life changing amount of money. Not only that, a player can also win two tickets to the Super Bowl, which is itself a truly valuable prize.

Not only does this site offer a great daily free roll and potentially huge jackpots, it also offers a very generous deposit bonus. This site will match 100% of deposits up to $600.  So whether high rollers or budget players, your money will last you twice as long by depositing to This makes playing daily fantasy sports a lot more fun.  Because you are playing with at least some of the house’s money, it can be very satisfying to win and take that initial deposit out.

A downside for some might be that the interface is a bit plain with very few graphics. This can make the site feel somewhat more budget than others. However, the interface is easy to use so some may actually find the simpler interface better (especially for those on slower internet connections). Regardless, this is still a great place to play daily fantasy sports.


DraftStreet LogoMany daily fantasy sports sites offer the same games: a salary cap with player budgets allowing you to pick the players you want so long as you stay within budget. While that is a fun way to play, there are many people who are more accustomed to snake drafts when playing fantasy sports.

This provides an extra layer of strategy because only one team can have a particular player and if someone passes on a high ranking player or reaches too high to get someone they like, it can have a ripple effect on the rest of the draft. offers this snake draft and is one of the few daily fantasy sports sites to do so. This means that even if you are new to daily fantasy sports you will find this format familiar, allowing you to jump right in and start playing. It can also help you win a lot sooner by allowing you to stick to a strategy that has worked for years instead of trying to learn a new game with the salary cap.

This site also offers many large games with Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPP). The games with GPP have between 75-200 players and have a low buy in with a very high payout. Obviously, this the chances of winning this game are smaller than a head to head game, but the potential payout is significantly higher. For those who feel very confident in their ability or who simply aren’t content with low paying games, this is a good choice.

DraftStreet also rewards players with StreetCred. These are points that are accumulated as a player wagers money, allowing you entry into other cash games or allowing you to buy merchandise through their store. For someone who really plays daily, this can be a great way to get some cash back on wagered money. Free entries mean potentially free money and they more you wager, the more StreetCred you accumulate.

The one downside to this site is that the deposit bonus is not very generous. They only offer 40% of the initial deposit which is very low compared to other sites. If this bonus were just a bit higher, it would likely move up the list. However, the StreetCred allows you to make up for some of that low bonus by giving you free games down the line. (edit: with our FSFBONUS code or by using our link they now offer a 100% bonus up to $200.00 on deposits)

If you really love snake drafts and want to make those the draft of choice for your daily fantasy sports league, is your best option.


DraftDay LogoFounded by experts in online poker, offers many of the same games as the other sites. One distinctive feature is their Rapid Fire game which is a very fun, unique way to play to daily fantasy sports.

In this game, a player will choose between five head-to-head player match ups. If you can choose which of those two will have more fantasy points on a given day, you can win if you correctly guess 3 out of 5. Because you play against the computer, you will have the option to pick whichever player you want. And if you feel extremely confident, you can play Rapid Fire Max which has huge payouts for those who correctly guess all 5 match ups.

This is the only major site to offer that game and it truly makes for a very distinct way to play daily fantasy sports.

Aside from that game, this site offers a generous deposit bonus of up to 100% on a deposit of $200. This is one of the more generous deposit bonuses but the cut off is a bit low compared to some other sites.

For those looking to play huge cash games, they may be better off spending their money elsewhere. It is also somewhat difficult to get your deposit money out of limbo, meaning that even if you do wager money, it make take too long to get your bonus money.

This site is still a good option for those who really want to try the Rapid Fire games. It really is a one of a kind fantasy sports game and if you get very good at it, you can make some serious cash. In spite of a few drawbacks, this is still a top 5 daily fantasy sports site.


StarStreet LogoAnother site that offers something very distinct is While it has your typical games as well, this site also offers a game truly unlike any other daily fantasy sports site.

Here, you will trade players as you would a stock, meaning that you aren’t necessarily playing in a head-to-head points game but rather you buy or sell them based on how well or how poorly they are doing. It means that if you buy low on a player and he gets on a hot streak, you can then sell high and make money. Likewise, if a player is unreasonably hot you can sell them before they inevitably come crashing back down to Earth.

For those who have a stock-savvy mind, this can be a great way to play.

The site also offers the most generous deposit bonus of the top 5 daily fantasy sports sites with a 200% deposit bonus. This means that players can make a deposit and try the Sports Stock Market with very little on the line. The also offer a Pick 5 game which is similar to the Rapid Fire game listed above. With so many different game options, this can be a very good choice for daily fantasy sports players.

The one major downside to this game is that if you don’t like the Sports Stock Market, there aren’t many players playing the other games. While the Pick Five doesn’t require anyone else, the other games do and can seem to get drowned out by this game.

Because so many people are there for the stock market, the other games can feel neglected. If you are there for the Sports Stock Market, that won’t matter. But if you find that’s not for you, you may find that your money will be better spent at another of the top 5 daily fantasy sports sites.

What this all means

Because each of these sites has their advantages and disadvantages, it may take some trial and error before you find the site that is perfect for you. One thing that all of these top 5 daily fantasy sports sites have in common, however, is that they are very easy to deposit and withdraw.

Because of this, if you find that a site isn’t really for you, you can simply withdraw to your PayPal account and redeposit at another site. With so little to lose, make a deposit and start playing daily fantasy sports today!

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