Fox Sports Fantasy Football Review

Fox Sports Fantasy FootballIf there is one cable station that is truly attempting to dethrone the king that is ESPN, it is Fox Sports. Now, many baseball teams for instance, are carried on this channel and it has become the second choice for many viewers.

So it would make sense that it would attempt to use this leverage to try enter the fantasy football website world and start hosting leagues. While this is one of the youngest of the major fantasy football league websites, it has grown extremely popular and continues adding users.

Standard Scoring Differences?

One huge difference between Fox Sports Fantasy Football and other sites is that passing touchdowns are worth 6 points versus only 4 in almost every other major fantasy football league website. While the commissioner of a custom league can change this, if they do not this will be how your league is scored.

Personally, we don’t like this at all. It makes the QB position so incredibly important that it can single-highhandedly change an entire fantasy season. While some may argue that this is an accurate reflection of how important the QB is in the modern NFL, we think it can diminish the games, especially in 2 QB leagues.

If you are locked out of getting an elite quarterback, you can pretty much kiss your season goodbye in a 10-12 team league. Therefore, we might stay away from leagues that feature 4 points for passing touchdowns, but this is a matter of preference.

Aside from That!

Aside from that, Fox Sports Fantasy Football features everything else you would want to find in a fantasy football website. Because it has grown so quickly, it has attracted many solid journalists and fantasy experts who provide a good amount of research for your league to check daily.

This can help keep you informed of favorable match ups, possible injury situations for you to monitor before setting your roster, and other information that can help keep your team fresh and help you rack up points.

No Mobile App?

One thing this fantasy football website does not have, however, is a mobile app. It does have a mobile website for users to access in order to make changes to their roster, it seems crazy that in this day and age where the mobile phone and tablet are becoming the preferred method for accessing the internet, they are yet to develop a mobile app.

This makes it extremely difficult to make changes to your roster if you are out at a sports bar or a friend’s house watching the game. The mobile website makes it easier to use, to be certain, but the last thing you want to be doing is waiting for a page to load and you suddenly miss a big touchdown or turnover because you were too busy staring at your phone.

The Website is Very Good

If you are someone without a smart phone or someone who is going to be managing your team exclusively from a computer, then this fantasy football league website may be more to your liking. They have a huge wealth of player ranks and roster information to help you prepare for your draft and keep you informed as the season goes along.

The website is clean and easy to navigate to find this information so that’s a major plus. The draft can be a bit tricky but it becomes easy enough to figure out. It may take a second for users to figure out how to navigate their team’s page, but it becomes intuitive fast enough.

The Fox Sports Girls!

Another interesting feature of this site is that the Fox Sports Girls from across the nation are playing one other in a fantasy football league, so you can watch your region’s girls and see how they’re doing. Their draft analysis may be able to help, as well. While the women certainly know a thing or two about sports, they likely aren’t exactly fantasy football experts (certainly not like those people who are paid to dispense knowledge about fantasy sports) so they can actually provide interesting insight.

Sometimes fantasy experts wind up parroting each other so players will suddenly rise or fall based on the chatter from experts. For a novice or someone who has tuned out the noise to draft based on the TV experts, this can give a user a fresh perspective that is not influenced by the group think that can define “expert analysis.”

Great Trend Statistics

Another helpful feature that is almost the exact opposite of avoiding group think is the tab that gives a user the ability to see trends, to see what players are being added and dropped the most. When player trends such as this happen, it can give the user a chance to examine their own roster and give them a perspective that they may not otherwise have.

If a player is being added at a solid rate, it obviously means that other fantasy players are liking his chances, while if a player is being dropped en masse, it means the exact opposite. This can give you insight into whether to keep a struggling player or maybe that middling player who is decent enough but not quite what you need. By seeing what large numbers of other players are doing, it can help clarify the situation.

This website offers that feature right along other analysis, which is very helpful.


While the website is great and contains a lot of excellent resources, the lack of a mobile app really makes this fantasy football website one of the last we might sign up for. This is a site we will certainly utilize when it comes time to build our pre-draft rankings and when we want to find analysis during the season, but we certainly would not want a fantasy football league website that was clunky to check on our phones.

If you are someone who will never use the app and will only be checking this fantasy football website from your computer, this might be a good option.

But if you are someone who is going to be doing a fair amount of managing from your phone, we would look at some of the other major fantasy football league websites.

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    CBS has an awesome fantasy program with 6 pts for the QB – which I also don’t like. I’m in an IDP league at another site (Yahoo) where the QB gets 4 pts and I can concentrate on picking up better players – including top defenders like J.J. Watt a round early and take a QB in round 9.

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