ESPN Fantasy Football Site Review

ESPN Fantasy Football Review LogoAs the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader in Sports, it only makes sense that they would have a popular fantasy football website.

With this fantasy football site, the extremely popular cable station seamlessly integrates this game into its existing website. Due to the popularity of the website itself, many people wind up setting their league up here, and there are many reasons to do so.

While ESPN was somewhat later to the game than other websites, it has grown quickly because of its sheer volume of advertising. This has drawn thousands of players to this fantasy football site and it now is one of the most popular places to play on the internet. Even still, it is experiencing growing pains and needs to make some changes before it can take that next step to truly dominate the market.

Extensive Research and Analysis Content

Perhaps the best part of ESPN’s fantasy football website is the sheer amount of research and analysis that is available. As the premier sports journalism site, it attracts some of the top talent in the journalism world and in the fantasy sports world.

There is a wealth of projections, information about rookies, draft analysis from experts, and other info to help with your fantasy league. This gives the fantasy football league site a very important feel and really makes for a rich experience. Because this is where the top talent in the world comes to bring their analysis, this seems like the place where true fantasy football professionals should come play.

ESPN Insider Data

This goes along with ESPN Insider which gives a person access to even more in depth analysis from some of ESPN’s most well-known journalists. It also gives a user access to some top fantasy analyst’s picks for the upcoming week, giving you the edge up on who to start and who to sit as well as finding that hot roster pick up with the favorable match up.

For just a few bucks a month, this is a nice added feature which will give you plenty of information to think about as you prepare for each match up.

Highlights and Game Film

There is also a wealth of highlights and game film to look over as you are setting your line up each week. While the Fantasy Football website likely has a few more highlights, comes in a very close second.

Here, a fantasy football league can have plenty of videos to watch as they wait for Sunday. This can help managers make informed decisions about players instead of simply following numbers on a screen, making the game a lot more fulfilling and a lot more fun.

The Mobile App

The mobile app is also a big selling point as it has come a long way in the past few years. What was once a $5 add on is now free and it does a great job of combining the analysis and highlights into one easy to use application for your iPhone or Android device.

It also has a gamecaster which allows you to follow an NFL game in real time to see where the teams are lined up, to see what the down and yardage situation are, and to see how each player is faring in that particular game. This means you can follow along with your favorite team right there on your phone if you can’t be at the game or in front of your TV.

Available Side Games

Another interesting feature are all the side games available for users on this fantasy football website. The college football pick ’em is a good way for fans of college football to get in the game.

These side games also feature great prizes from NFL teams and players. Because this site has such access to the players and games, they can offer some of the best prizes in the business. It also gives a user the chance to play along more than once a week and keeps the user coming back again and again.


Perhaps the biggest drawback to this site is that its layout is a bit clunky. It just doesn’t flow as well as CBS or Yahoo, making it somewhat difficult to see exactly why your player scored the points they did.

It might not be enough to see that your running back scored 23 points, you may want to see exactly why.  Did they have a huge rushing game? Did they find the endzone a few times? Knowing this can help you understand whether a player is bound to keep on doing this or if it was just a one time fluke.

Because it’s hard to find this information, the site can be frustrating to deal with.

Unfortunately, this also extends to the app. ESPN needs to find a better way to make their wealth of information available to the user easily and efficiently.

As of now, other fantasy football websites may have less information but do a better job with the presentation. This can make it seem like they have more information than they do while ESPN buries all the good stuff they have.

This, combined with an app that tends to freeze and crash more than the others, makes it frustrating for those who do most of their roster moves on their phone.


ESPN’s Fantasy Football website offers a bit of a mixed bag: great highlights and information but a poor layout and poor user experience. Depending on what you want from a fantasy football league website, you may truly love it or truly hate it.

If you are a person who browses daily to get news and updates, it probably makes sense to play here and use it as a one-stop website. For those who generally get their sports information from other sites, it may be best to find another fantasy football website.

If you are looking for something different and want some great analysis and some great highlights, give this site a shot. If you are someone who values user experience or wants a more stable app, look elsewhere.

Depending on your needs, this may be a great choice or a very poor one.

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